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Cloud-Based Software Licensing that drives growth

#1 Cloud-Based Software Licensing Platform - quickly release new Software Licensing Models and monetize your offerings

  • Perpetual, Subscription, Named-User, Concurrent, Usage-Based
  • Online / Offline Licensing, License Key or Account-Based
  • On-Premise, SaaS, IoT
  • Easy integration with your back office
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Become Race-Ready

Release new Software Licensing Models quickly

What are you waiting for? Beat the recession and grow instead.

The #1 reason for not releasing new plans and software licensing models to the market is waiting on engineering. With a new software licensing solution, you can accelerate your software monetization now, beating the recession, driving new revenue.

Power, Control, Workflow

Drive your software sales up. Orders. Usage. Upsells.

Software Licensing in the Cloud = Business Agility

Monetize from order to fulfillment and beyond.
Precise workflow between CRM, ERP, Ecommerce and back-office.
A modern Software Licensing Service for software and SaaS.

Excellent choice for managing licenses and the challenges that come with doing that. We had a large list of priorities and Zentitle checked all of the boxes. The team was extremely responsive and easy to work with as well.

- Tom S

Zentitle allows us to meet customer needs in a flexible and reactive manner, selling them what they need. Zentitle is a money maker. Nalpeiron’s support really stands out. They have always been able to answer our questions and are really responsive

- Gerald C

Enterprise-Class Software Licensing Trusted by TechSmith, Zebra, Nitro and UIPath

Ready, set, go!

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  • New Software Licensing Models.
  • Beat the recession, grow while competitors shrink
  • Upsell customers. Control their complete lifecycle of rights using cloud software licensing
  • Accelerate Quote-to-Cash
Zentitle by Nalpeiron

  • Adopt new Licensing Models. NO engineering
  • Workflow: order to fulfillment and beyond
  • Upsell customers while controlling the complete lifecycle of customer rights