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Issues with hard-coded entitlements and tooling

The demands upon engineering departments of software vendors to meet the growth strategies are hugely significant. Resources and attention of engineers are continually needed, most often taking focus away from the development of the products the vendor sells. Why might you be experiencing this?

Read on to discover how these engineering problems and resource demands can be addressed...

Engineering - pain points solved

What can be solved for engineers and engineering departments by using a software licensing system designed to meet their needs?

Outsourcing allows the team to focus on core products: Pricing and packaging changes are no longer engineering’s responsibility

Business logic is decoupled from code and managed by business users to unlock flexibility

Removes ongoing costs and risks with non-core capabilities

Removes the costs of hosting specialized infrastructure

Eliminates risks associated with specialized personnel

Provisioning and modifications are automated and coordinated across product, CRM, and billing

Allows for a single source of truth with a centralized customer state used to enforce entitlements and monitor utilization

You can focus on what you do best - innovate

Using a purpose-built software licensing and monetization system, engineers and engineering departments can focus on product innovation without complex hard-coding demands from product and sales leaders wanting to sell your product in different and new ways.

What is Zentitle

What is Zentitle, who is it for, what can it do for you?

Zentitle Quick Overview

A quick look at the whole of the Zentitle platform.

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