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Zentitle is built by the leaders in Cloud-Based Software Licensing, with two US. Patents. World-class support and performance, together with a full suite of professional services from monetization strategy to implementation - book a call with us now to discuss your objectives.

Working hand-in-hand with the fastest growing software companies and $1Bn tech giants

"I have used Zentitle for about 10 years and it is definitely the best licensing I have worked with in my support career.

I have worked with around 10 different licensing platforms and used many others with the products I purchased.

None have been as reliable, easy to use and implement for support and customers alike."

Kelly Bishop

Technical Support

"Fantastic flexibility is key in how we license our software and features in order to provide a smooth experience for our end users.

Zentitle delivered on this and more. Enough tools to provide us with what we need to integrate with our existing business systems.

EUP is easy to set up giving our users more control over managing and distributing our licenses."

Mark Senior

Sales Director

"Zentitle overall does a great job in getting a license solution to customers. The tool has plenty of features to match business requirements.

Maintaining an in-house solution would be expensive and time consuming.

Zentitle provides a service where you do not need to worry about this and focus on your business."

Chris Ang


Rapid Go-to-Market. Licensing that puts you in control.

Drive revenues. Truly achieve market-fit. Maximize your revenues from your existing customer base through upselling, cross-selling, reducing churn and locking in renewals.


What can you use it for?

Zentitle is a purpose built monetization solution for software vendors, the leading cloud-based Software Licensing platform. License to and control your user base across SaaS, On-Premise Desktop Software, Server, and software driven Hardware/IoT.

Zentitle empowers you to fully monetize the software you have created, driving revenues, cross-sells and upsells whilst reducing churn.

Use Cases

Flexible, powerful licensing

We don't only deal in desktop and SaaS software where users click keyboards.

Zentitle provides delivery and control of resources used in server farms, clusters, LANs and cloud environments.

Zentitle is also purpose suited to deal with licensing in VMs and is used by hardware companies too.

Technical perspective

Code and platforms

All end-user platforms are catered for: Windows, Mac, Linux, SaaS, ARM.

Whatever your code is: C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, Python etc.

Whatever your IDEs and Development Stack, you can use Zentitle.

Reduced support

Happier customers

Zentitle is built around the concept of Dynamic Entitlements, meaning at any time you need to update what a customer can use, the whole process can be done with no intervention required by the customer themselves.

Reduce support tickets by up to 60%, lower your support overheads and with happier customers.

Zentitle - the Enterprise-Class Software Monetization Platform

18 Years+

Track Record


Revenues Protected


Transactions / Month


Uptime SLA for 10 Years+

Zentitle supports 100M's users 24x7x365 for the world's leading SaaS, Software and IoT companies

Security of software licensing, we combine best practices to keep your software safe.
zentitle advantage

Drive Growth

Software monetization of your whole product portfolio for both B2B and B2C sales. Gain more customers, increase revenue, free up engineering.

zentitle advantage

Operations & Workflows

Software license delivery in harmony with your CRM, ERP and Ecommerce. Powerful license management. Efficient operations and automated processes.

zentitle advantage

Business Agility

Bring back the agility to quickly deliver on business decisions and strategy. Ensure you stay ahead of your competition and gain market share.

From a product manager's perspective

Save engineering time. Reduce infrastructure costs. Get your software to market quickly.

Break dependency upon engineering

Go-to-market faster

Remove long standing dependencies upon Engineering so that you can focus on monetization and revenue generation.

Once Zentitle is integrated you can deliver your software and suites to your customers in new ways. Your plan-to-market fit becomes agile and dynamic.

Change and adapt your offerings without having to go back to Engineering.

Drive revenues from your products

Monetize more effectively

Your monetization strategies are driven by Zentitle’s ability to deliver a full range of licensing models. These licensing models cover everything needed for B2C and B2B sales.

Zentitle's full suite of licensing models can be blended as required to meet an incredible range of use cases from regular, to custom, to niche.

Managing entitlements is easier

Control and agility

Dynamic Entitlements mean that what a customer can and can't use can be changed at any time.

When customers make further purchases of licenses or upgrades, their experience of your software becomes appropriately and automatically updated. No fuss. No phone calls needed. No support tickets generated.

Free yourself from constraints of lesser solutions, legacy solutions, or homegrown licensing.

Centralize your entitlements

Monetize all your products

Monetization of your entire product portfolio is possible with Zentitle.

Zentitle can be used to license all kinds of products, including On-Premise/Server Software, SaaS, IoT & Hardware.

If you are transitioning to offering SaaS versions of your products, or are blending your installed software with a cloud-based element, Zentitle has what you need now and in the future.

Zentitle supercharges your growth and scales with you

SaaS / Software / Hardware

Zentitle2 is built to deliver on the business objectives of SaaS, Software and Hardware companies. Whatever kinds of product you sell now, and whatever you will sell in future, Zentitle2 enables you to maxmize revenues with complete control.


Provides dynamic scaling of the Zentitle licensing and entitlement management service up and down as traffic increases or decreases, so you and your customers never skip a beat. Don't ever worry about whether your infrastructure is going to scale as your installed base continues to grow.

Single-Tenant or Multi-Tenant

Want to have your own dedicated instance of the Zentitle infrastructure? We have you covered. Want to start out with a cost-effective account on a multi-tenant cloud? We've got your back as well.

Zentitle has been built to bring you agility and speed

Simple to manage

Zentitle simplifies license management, making it easy for businesses to control and monitor software access, reducing the risk of revenue loss due to unauthorized usage.

New business models

Go-to-market faster. With Zentitle in place, taking new offerings or plans to market is done with 'no-code' configuration, within Zentitle's UI. Eliminate your dependency upon engineering when you release new products.

End-User Portal

Zentitle's customizable end-user portal allows your customers to monitor their license usage in real-time, promoting transparency and enabling them to manage their licenses effectively.

Rapid entitlements delivery and verification

Dynamic Entitlements

Zentitle's dynamic entitlements allow you to easily define the balance between continual reverification of license rights versus the trust level you have with individual customers. Have a great long-term relationship with a given customer? Revalidate on an infrequent basis. Have a new customer that hasn't paid yet? Ensure they they get minimal rights until the check clears!

Online and Offline

Whether you are a vendor providing a hosted SaaS offering or whether you provide on-premise software to customers running in completely disconnected / air-gapped environments, we have you covered, across all business models.

Local License Server

For more complex business models such as concurrent users, element pools, floating features and consumption / usage-based models, feel confident rolling these models out to high-security customers such as banks and governmental organizations that need to run your applications without any ongoing connectivity to the cloud.

Monetization and pricing structures

Tiered Pricing

Zentitle enables tiered pricing structures, giving businesses the flexibility to offer different levels of service with varying features and price points. This widens the customer base and accommodates various budgets.

Upselling Tools

The platform provides tools for upselling customers to higher-tier plans, increasing revenue per customer by encouraging them to access more features or resources.

Automated Renewals

The platform automates the renewal process, triggering reminders and offering a grace period, ensuring uninterrupted service and steady, recurring revenue streams.

Usage Based Billing

Zentitle offers usage-based billing, allowing businesses to charge customers based on their actual software usage. This ensures fair pricing and maximizes revenue as customers pay for what they use.

License Usage Graphs

Zentitle provides license usage graphs showing high and low watermark views of how a given customer has used their software licenses over time. You can even provide the graphs to your customers through the end-customer portal.


Zentitle's overdraft feature allows businesses to set hard limits and soft limits for software usage, promoting growth while maintaining control over licensing costs and revenue optimization.

Grace Period

The grace period feature offers customers extra time to renew their licenses without service interruptions, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

Usage Analytics

Zentitle offers detailed usage analytics, helping businesses make data-driven decisions and tailor offerings to better meet customer demands, ultimately increasing revenue by delivering more value.

Customized Pricing

The platform supports customized pricing models, allowing businesses to create personalized pricing plans for specific customer segments, optimizing revenue by catering to unique needs.

Zentitle APIs

Zentitle Documentation

Zentitle offers extensive and well-documented resources, ensuring you have access to all the information you need to effectively implement and manage your licensing solution.

Your long-term partner for software business growth

Zentitle meets the standards for scale, security and operational excellence demanded by enterprise-class software companies

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From startup to VC funding to IPO for millions of users, all on Zentitle

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