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What is Zentitle?

What is the Zentitle platform, who is it for, what can it do? Watch how Zentitle delivers for your business.

Zentitle Quick Overview

A quick look at the whole of Zentitle to gain an understanding of the platform.

Introduction to Zentitle

The Enterprise-Class Software Monetization Platform

Introduction to Zentitle2 Core

A quick video about Zentitle2 Core

Zentitle Cloud-Based Licensing

A cloud-based solution for licensing, entitlements, and monetization

Zentitle Quick Overview

A quick look at the whole of Zentitle

Zentitle2 Core Definition

Learn about what's in Zentitle2 Core

Deployments and Infrastructure

Learn more about how Zentitle is built to deliver on the needs of software and SaaS vendors

Zentitle Platform Support

Zentitle allows you to apply monetization across any type of software

Zentitle Turboscale

Zentitle scales rapidly with you based on your licensing demands and growth

Zentitle Single Tenant vs Multi-Tenant

Zentitle infrastructure is offered in options suitable for your needs

Zentitle APIs and Webhooks

Zentitle's Licensing API, Management API and Webhooks

Zentitle VMs Virtualized Environments

VMs, docker containers, OSes with virtualized environments underneath, all catered for

Zentitle for SaaS Applications

Complete control, management and monetization for SaaS products

Zentitle IoT and Hardware

IoT / Embedded and Hardware companies control and monetize with Zentitle

Zentitle Architecture

Zentitle split down into its moving parts all explained

Zentitle Offline Activation

Zentitle Offline Activation for customers with no Internet Connection

Zentitle Local License Servers for Darksites

For your customers who have sites where internet access is restricted

Zentitle and Identity

Various ways you can use IDPs or account-based licensing methods

Zentitle Platform Technical Architecture

A high-level technical overview of the Zentitle ecosystem

Components to Use with Zentitle Core

A video about the ways you can use Zentitle2 Core

Zentitle E-commerce Integration

E-commerce order flows and logic when using Zentitle

How Zentitle delivers fast monetization and total control

Zentitle has been built from the ground-up to deliver huge value

Zentitle Plan Abstraction

Pricing and Packaging, SKUs, Product Catalogs, all the way to entitlements

Zentitle Dynamic Entitlements

Modern licensing means that you can change entitlements on-the-fly

Zentitle Overdraft Tracking

Give your customers flexibility which then leads to easy additional sales

Zentitle End-User Portal

A brandable End-User Portal for your customers to self-serve and self-manage

Zentitle Order Fulfillment

From an order all the way to the customer using your application

Zentitle Trial Management

Turn trial users into paying customers

Zentitle and Renewals

Handling renewals is much easier with Zentitle, upsell opportunities, and avoiding churn

Zentitle Grace Period

Customer subscriptions can have contingency for when renewals are a little slower

Business Models

Rapidly release new pricing and packaging. From decision to deployment with no dependency on engineering

Zentitle Business Models

A full suite of licensing models allows you to deliver pricing and packaging rapidly

Zentitle Element Pools

The ability to license a set amount of resources across multiple nodes/users

Zentitle Usage-Based Licensing

Metered approaches to software licensing, consumption models and usage-based intelligence

Zentitle Floating and Concurrent Licensing

Allowing a larger number of machines or users to use a lesser number of seats

Zentitle Concurrent Licensing Deployment Models

Floating features, element pools, floating features, how can you do this for your customers?

Choosing your Solution

Learn about the factors to consider when choosing a partner and platform

Why Nalpeiron?

When you are considering your choices, why should you choose Nalpeiron?

Zentitle Build vs Buy (Engineering)

How do you decide whether to buy as against building your own system?

Nalpeiron Software Monetization Maturity Model

Your best practices change as your company grows and matures

Zentitle and M&A

The use of Zentitle for companies who are rapidly growing / have grown by acquisition

Key Stakeholders

Who are the key stakeholders who need to be involved with the project?

Zentitle Identity vs Entitlement Management

A video to help you understand the difference between entitlement management and identity systems

Nalpeiron Competition

How does Nalpeiron compare to others in the industry?

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