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Zentitle -

#1 Platform for Cloud Software Licensing

Zentitle is designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various industries, whether you're in the realm of software, SaaS, or hardware and IoT. We understand that the world of technology is ever-evolving, and so are your offerings. Zentitle works for your current product lineup and for whatever you may sell in the future.

On-premise Software

Zentitle is a best-of-breed Software Licensing Solution for OnPremise or "installed" applications on desktops, laptops and servers. Our class-leading robust approach to VMs ensures license compliance. We hold two US Patents for our licensing technology.

Zentitle enables you with powerful license management and rapid-go-to-market for your product lines. It is built to monetize your software with any business model, including subscriptions and usage. Zentitle reduces churn, drives up-sells and cross-sells to your existing customers.

Hybrid Software

A typical, and increasingly common hybrid offering, deployed over multiple environments, is when an ISV has provided a SaaS element to their product offering. So, for example, a traditional piece of Desktop Software may be accompanied by rights to access a further SaaS element, where materials may be accessed or stored. For example, Adobe's Creative Cloud operates in this way in order to facilitate access to a library images which may be downloaded and incorporated into a graphics project managed through an on-premise tool. With Zentitle, you have full control and rapid-go-to-market for your hybrid software and SaaS blended offerings.


Zentitle is built for pure SaaS vendors. Say goodbye to home-built admin panels to control your customers and say hello to easy entitlement management.

Zentitle is built to control large product portfolios with increasing numbers of SKUs. If you are growing by acquisition, Zentitle can act as the central system of record for all your offerings and be pivotal in achieving smooth, error-free workflows from order to fulfillment and beyond.

Hardware and IoT

Monetize your Hardware and IoT by turning features on and off through subscriptions and purchases. Secure new untapped revenue streams.

Monetize by selling and controlling access to additional cloud-based services that your hardware talks to, adding more value for your customers.

IoT, Industrial Hardware Manufacturers, Electronics Manufacturers, Consumer Electronics, Telco Equipment and other types of Dedicated Servers can all be monetized using Zentitle.

Feature-based licensing that enables you to create differentiated offerings by turning on or off specific features for a given customer or market segment entirely through secure licensing.

Capacity-based licensing allows you to securely restrict a given customer to only use your device up to a specific capacity limit.

Bring all kinds of business models normally associated with software to your Hardware and IoT products, including perpetual, subscription, date-based, concurrent, consumption and trust-but-verify.

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