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#1 Platform for Cloud Software Licensing

Zentitle2's Cutting-Edge Architecture Blends Open Source Innovation with Our 18+ Years of Proven Expertise in Maximizing Software Revenue for Vendors.

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High-Availability Docker-Based Architecture

Zentitle2 is built on a high-availability docker-based architecture, managed through Kubernetes. This architecture provides unparalleled flexibility and ensures robust performance.

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TurboScaling Mechanism

Our unique 'TurboScaling' mechanism automatically adjusts the infrastructure to maintain a consistent Quality of Service, regardless of traffic fluctuations. This ensures that your service scales seamlessly as your installed base grows, giving you peace of mind.

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Multi-Tenant Cluster Hosting

Zentitle's primary multi-tenant cluster is hosted on AWS, but it can also be hosted in custom environments as a single-tenant instance. This flexibility allows you to choose the hosting option that best suits your needs.

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Zentitle offers OpenAPI-based REST APIs for both Licensing and Management functionalities. This means you can easily integrate and access these APIs from various development and deployment environments, including C#, C++, C, Java, Python, RUST, Golang, and more.

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Realtime Status Page

Zentitle provides a Realtime Status Page, offering continuous visibility into the performance and health of our licensing and entitlement management system. Stay informed about the status of your services in real time.

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Zentitle offers extensive and well-documented resources, ensuring you have access to all the information you need to effectively implement and manage your licensing solution.

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World-Class Technical Support

Our support team consists of experts with deep technical experience. You can rely on world-class support to assist you with any technical challenges or inquiries you may have.

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The #1 Choice

With Zentitle, you have access to a cutting-edge licensing and entitlement management platform that prioritizes flexibility, scalability, and technical excellence.

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The all-new Zentitle2 is the leading Enterprise-Class Monetization Platform for Software, SaaS and IoT

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Zentitle meets the standards for scale, security and operational excellence demanded by enterprise-class software companies

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