Local Licensing Server
for any Customer Environment

Monetize and license your software to business customers that operate restricted internet access 'dark sites'

#1 Platform -

Enterprise-Class Software Licensing

Secure Admin Panel for SaaS Application

Now you can license your software however you need to offline or within any customer's restricted environment

Enforce any licensing model, including subscriptions, usage-based, concurrent and floating.

Local License Server lets you control usage of your software in secure networks and intranets

In todays SAAS-centric world, finding a reliable modern solution for hybrid and offline/non-internet connected environments is very hard. The suppliers of “dongles” and hardware based solutions are now specialized and not ideal for general software application, and the majority of the rest were derived from 1980s technology that just doesn’t work well in today deployments.

Zentitle2 is a modern and re-imagined solution for hybrid and offline based software products - its based on the latest Kubernetes/docker technologies and offers a modern solution as well as a level of security that doesn’t require backup dongles like some other providers.

‍Thes a eason why some of the worlds largest companies like GE choose Zentitle for their hybrid deployments where easy to use, robust and modern offline solutions are required - as well as fully SAAS offerings. Saving time and engineering effort on a platform that uses the same APIs, the same backend and the same self serve portals for their end users no matter if they are internet connected or not - one pane of glass, one modern technology platform for any use case.

The ultimate solution - unlike the poor network licensing afterthoughts of the competition.

Easy to deploy, no additional coding is required to license with or without the internet

monetization with complete control

Any business model

You're not restricted like competing solutions. You can use anything from subscriptions to usage-based, multi-seat to concurrent seats/features and much more - contact us for more information


Massively reduce support costs

The friction has been taken out of licensing in Dark Sites. Simplicity for customers drives down your support overheads. Logical, simple, and non-technical to use.

map skus to subscriptions and plans

More automation. Less work.

Creation and control of Local License Servers and Entitlements can be taken care of via API to be part of your automated fulfillment workflows and licensing operations. Also control from Zentitle.

speed to market

Easy to deploy technology

Local License Server runs in Docker containers for easy deployment. Your customers have peace of mind with a secure solution. Fulfillment of orders and entitlement updates are a breeze.

drive adoption

Manage Entitlements Easily

Creation and updating of entitlements throughout the customer lifecycle is made easy. Updating these to the Local License Server is fast and simple. Class-leading entitlements management.

Outsource my software licensing

Fully featured

Zentitle's Local License Server has all the same features of its hosted counterpart. Anything Zentitle can do, Zentitle Local License Server can do too - just choose to deploy LLS where needed.

Working hand-in-hand with the fastest growing software companies and $1Bn tech giants

"I have used Zentitle for about 10 years and it is definitely the best licensing I have worked with in my support career.

I have worked with around 10 different licensing platforms and used many others with the products I purchased.

None have been as reliable, easy to use and implement for support and customers alike."

Kelly Bishop

Technical Support

"Fantastic flexibility is key in how we license our software and features in order to provide a smooth experience for our end users.

Zentitle delivered on this and more. Enough tools to provide us with what we need to integrate with our existing business systems.

EUP is easy to set up giving our users more control over managing and distributing our licenses."

Mark Senior

Sales Director

"Zentitle overall does a great job in getting a license solution to customers. The tool has plenty of features to match business requirements.

Maintaining an in-house solution would be expensive and time consuming.

Zentitle provides a service where you do not need to worry about this and focus on your business."

Chris Ang


We're Your Partner for Software Business Growth

  • Grow and scale rapidly, we deliver software licensing solutions that empower businesses to monetize efficiently.
  • You focus on product innovation while we handle the licensing intricacies.
  • Unlike our competitors, software licensing and entitlement management is 100% of our focus.
  • We’re your knowledgeable guide for licensing and monetization strategy. Deep expertise with a proven track-record.
  • Draw on our 18+ years of monetization and software licensing expertise, and cutting-edge technology.
  • World-Class Support that's fully responsive.

Being a partner is not the same as being a supplier. Many of our clients have leaned on us to offer best practices, consult on their strategy as subject matter experts, to work with them on implementation, planning, and rollout.

We provide training, helping development teams craft successful products, enabling product teams to price and package these products to win.

Our competition are either too big to care and provide you with the attention you need and expect, or too small to be worth risking your production environments and business growth on.

We are easy to get hold of, fully responsive, proven, reliable and there for you.

Nalpeiron came first. We pioneered cloud-based software licensing in 2005, and for all that time, we have delivered Software licensing and entitlement management, pricing, and monetization tools and services.

We constantly improve and build on our platform to offer customers the latest tools to help monetize their SaaS, IoT, and Enterprise Software products.

Unlike our competitors, we have two issued US patents on our technology.

1000s of customers have trusted us since 2005 to help them monetize $100,000,000s. They didn’t pick just anyone to trust with that task. They picked a player with a track record of proven technology and quality of service.

For 18+ years, Nalpeiron has maintained an SLA of over 99.9% - a proven track record of reliability.

Zentitle professional services from Nalpeiron

Professional Services

From licensing strategy to implementation, integration with the rest of your back-office and training. We deliver fast ROI and revenue gains.

Need to increase revenues? Want licensing that works with your systems?

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Drive Growth

Software monetization of your whole product portfolio for both B2B and B2C sales. Gain more customers, increase revenue, free up engineering.

zentitle advantage

Operations & Workflows

Software license delivery in harmony with your CRM, ERP and Ecommerce. Powerful license management. Efficient operations and automated processes.

zentitle advantage

Business Agility

Bring back the agility to quickly deliver on business decisions and strategy. Ensure you stay ahead of your competition and gain market share.

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Zentitle Tour

The all-new Zentitle2 is the leading Enterprise-Class Monetization Platform for Software, SaaS and IoT

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Zentitle - the Enterprise-Class Software Monetization Platform

18 Years+

Track Record


Revenues Protected


Transactions / Month


Uptime SLA for 10 Years+

Zentitle supports 100M's users 24x7x365 for the world's leading SaaS, Software and IoT companies

Security of software licensing, we combine best practices to keep your software safe.

Reasons to choose Zentitle

Zentitle is the leading Software Licensing, Entitlements Management and Monetization Platform

24/7 Monitoring plus a 99.9%+ SLA
Faq Item

Our dedicated team works around the clock to ensure a highly scalable and reliable platform for you and your customers, providing world-class support, business continuity, and fast issue resolution. With our proven track record, we've garnered trust from thousands of customers and have been responsible for paving the way in cloud-based software licensing since 2005.

Security First
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Your data is stored and managed with an emphasis on the highest security standards, protecting your intellectual property. Our approach includes full GDPR compliance to ensure data privacy and safety while allowing you to adjust to market shifts and customer demands with reduced risk.

Seamless Integration
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Integrating Zentitle into your existing software license onboarding and management processes is a breeze. Our Open API-based REST web services make integrating with the rest of your back-office a breeze. Our professional services group is there to provide as much or as little assistance as you need, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing disruptions to your organization's workflow.

License Usage Analytics
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Gain insights into your licensing operations with our advanced analytics tools. Make informed decisions, identify trends, and optimize your strategies for greater success. Utilize our analytics to unveil software license usage patterns, customer behavior and to forecast future licensing needs, supporting proactive and strategic planning. We truly are your long-term partner for software business growth

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Your long-term partner for software business growth

Zentitle meets the standards for scale, security and operational excellence demanded by enterprise-class software companies

From startup to $1Bn in ARR partnering with Nalpeiron

Partner for 8 years

From startup to VC funding to IPO for millions of users, all on Zentitle

Partner for 14 years

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What is Zentitle

What is Zentitle, who is it for, what can it do for you?

Zentitle Quick Overview

A quick look at the whole of the Zentitle platform.

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Reliable. Dependable. Contactable.

1000’s software companies have used Zentitle to monetize their software products much faster,
many going from startup to IPO on our platform.

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Supports 100M's users 24x7x365 for the world's leading software companies

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