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Nalpeiron's Team bring unparalleled experience in software licensing, monetization and entitlements management.

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Jon Gillespie-Brown

Serial Entrepreneur, successful Operator, over 35 years in IT / High Tech business.  Professor/Mentor at CU Boulder, Stanford, & Berkeley. 2 US Patents.

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Richard Allen

Designed and built Zentitle from the ground up, serving 100Ms end-users. Consulted with $bn companies and startups to enable their technical strategy.

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Michal Dymel
VP Engineering

Leader of software teams, building successful products that serve millions of users. Has deep knowledge and experience in software development and creating enterprise systems.

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Mark Finning

Over 25 years in marketing and visual communication. Sales and marketing systems administration. Product development / customer feedback.

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John Zilch

Chief Product Officer, 12 years in Product Management, leading teams to crafting product strategies for startups and enterprise companies.

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Eliza Dymel
IT Project Manager

Team enabler with 15+ years of experience managing IT projects. Helps technical teams to collaborate and deliver superior solutions, capturing creativity and increasing productivity.

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Perry Wiersma
Director of Sales, North America

30 years experience in systems sales and IT, Software Licensing and Identity. Forging successful and productive relationships with tech clients.

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Greg Wood
Director of Sales, EMEA

30 years experience in systems sales and IT, Software Licensing and Identity. Forging successful and productive relationships with tech clients.

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Seth Martin
Success Consultant

Building strong client relationships to drive their revenues. Tailoring licensing and monetization solutions to drive your business success.

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Cris Wendt
Consulting and Training Manager

Business transformation consultant. Defining and deploying software licensing & pricing models. Ex. Principal Strategy Consultant, Flexera.

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Luca Gillespie-Brown
Customer Success Manager

Helping customers successfully monetize their software and SaaS, ensuring their ROI through effective partnerships.

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Tony Chefles
Technical Support Manager

Tony (PhD) 15+ years in tech, a decade at Nalpeiron, he is a senior developer on Zentitle ensuring our clients get highly responsive, efficient support.

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Radek Kujawa
DevOps Manager

Radek is our platform expert. He runs our DevOps operations supporting our infrastructure (DevOps, IT Governance, Security and SRE) across our providers that support 100s Millions users.

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Rafał Mróz
Senior Software Engineer

Rafal (M.Sc) is an experienced systems architect with more than 20 years expertise across backend technologies and platforms - a key team member developing the Zentitle platform.

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Viktor Borza
Senior Software Engineer

Viktor (MSc) is an experienced software architect with more than 8 years expertise across backend technologies, methodologies and platforms.

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Ron DiPronio
QA Manager

Ron (MS) is our Software Testing & QA lead for Zentitle, ensuring our platform runs smoothly with test planning, execution, deployment, and automation across client and server-side environments.

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Bartek Wezgraj
Senior QA Engineer

An experienced QA engineer with more than 20 years expertise across testing technologies and platforms. His skills are used on the ongoing development of Zentitle.

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Slawek Kunowski
Senior Software Engineer

Slawek (M.Sc) is a software engineer with more than 13 years specialist expertise across the full technology stack for B2B and B2C platforms.

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Paweł Górski
Senior Software Engineer

C++ developer with over 12 years of commercial experience in creating backend software for various operating systems. PhD of Computer Science.

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Tomek Szturmaj
Senior Software Engineer

Tomek is a software engineer with a rich history of over 13 years of hands-on experience across a wide spectrum of technologies, platforms, and substantial large-scale projects.

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Jiří Halaška
Software Developer

Software Developer with expertise across modern development technologies in creating SaaS platforms.

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Mikołaj Kostyrko
Software Tester

A software tester working with modern development and deployment methodologies in order to ensure product quality.

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Tara Burress

Tara (BA, accounting) is Nalpeiron's financial operations corporate accountant helping clients with their billing, and accounting questions and needs.

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The rest of the Nalpeiron Team

Nalpeiron's staff are the best in the industry, here to ensure our clients achieve significant, sustainable software business growth.