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LAN based licensing is covered in multiple ways.

You many immediately recognise a use-case where you want to sell to customers who are going to use your Software at sites which don't have regular internet access available.

You still want to restrict what they are permitted to use, often across a set of computers, devices, or users at that company.

Not a problem. Nalpeiron Network Licensing has these use-cases covered with our Network Licensing Server which sits on the LAN controlling the entitlements of all the instances of your software on the network. Each instance communicates with it instead of the cloud-based server infrastructure in order to ascertain their rights and permissions.

Our Network Relay Server is an equally interesting option, providing a gateway to our regular Cloud-Based Licensing through the DMZ. When this method can be deployed it is super simple, with its presence Cloud-Based Licensing simply works as if the instances of your software were connected freely to the internet.

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