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When Smith Micro Software decided to find a new licensing solution for their Productivity and Graphics group. They turned to Nalpeiron to help improve connections with end users and cut down on unauthorized re- sellers and piracy.

After an unfortunate series of experiences with a licensing software vendor fifteen years ago, Smith Micro Software relied on an in-house solution for the licensing needs of their Productivity and Graphics Group. Recently, however, they decided it was time to revisit their system.

The Challenge

The Productivity and Graphics Group identified four specific goals to be addressed by a licensing system:

  • They sought more flexibility with license management.
  • They wanted to have a better connection with their end users.
  • They needed to prevent unauthorized resellers.
  • They wished to cut down on piracy.

Why Nalpeiron?

They were initially attracted to Nalpeiron because it addressed their goals exactly. “Pricing-wise, Nalpeiron was not the cheapest solution,” said Uli Klumpp, Senior Director of Engineering for Productivity & Graphics at Smith Micro. “However, we didn’t want a ‘barbwire’ legacy solution. We wanted a lightweight solution that’s effective. We liked how Nalpeiron addressed our needs, and how it’s implemented.” They were also preparing to launch a new product — Anime Studio 10 — which they felt would be a great test for trying out a new licensing provider.

The Result

Nalpeiron has been helpful in all four areas of concern.

  • Connection with end users has been improved by the option of requiring registration. They now have a comprehensive list of users with whom they can interface.
  • Nalpeiron's flexibility allows for trial activation and deactivation and makes it easy to convert trials into customers.
  • By providing more control over serial numbers, Nalpeiron has made it possible to cut down on unauthorized resellers and provide a better overall experience for the customer.
  • With increased control, once a serial number is authorized, it is burned, secured and cannot be utilized for multiple purposes. With such dedicated serial numbers, there is better hardening, so that the serial numbers cannot be misused for piracy.


Steve Cooper, Director of Product Management at Smith Micro, says Nalpeiron has been extremely helpful in enabling his team to improve their licensing management.

One of our major concerns was reducing piracy, and Nalpeiron has basically enabled us to significantly improve our security in that regard. We are also pleased with Nalpeiron's flexibility, technical support, and willingness to accommodate.

- Steve Cooper, Director of Product Management, Smith Micro

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