What is Zentitle?

What is the Zentitle platform, who is it for, and how is it used?

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"I have used Zentitle for about 10 years and it is definitely the best licensing I have worked with in my support career.

I have worked with around 10 different licensing platforms and used many others with the products I purchased.

None have been as reliable, easy to use and implement for support and customers alike."

"Fantastic flexibility is key in how we license our software and features in order to provide a smooth experience for our end users.

Zentitle delivered on this and more. Enough tools to provide us with what we need to integrate with our existing business systems.

EUP is easy to set up giving our users more control over managing and distributing our licenses."

"Zentitle overall does a great job in getting a license solution to customers. The tool has plenty of features to match business requirements.

Maintaining an in-house solution would be expensive and time consuming.

Zentitle provides a service where you do not need to worry about this and focus on your business."

1000s of software companies have used Zentitle to launch new software products faster and control their entitlements easily, many going from startup to IPO on our cloud software license management solutions

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What's in this video

You know, often if I'm at a cocktail party or other social gathering, and somebody comes up to me and says, oh, what do you do? What is Nalpeiron? What is Zentitle? This is really how I describe it...

Zentitle is a way for software vendors, and we use that term software vendor fairly broadly, could be on-premise, could be hardware devices, could be SaaS. But we allow them to easily price package and sell their offerings.

Because when you look at it, you know, Mark Andersen was right. Software is eating the world. And regardless of what kind of company you are, you're typically looking to provide value to your customers in some way through software.

So our job is to help you take that software and monetize it in whatever business model you wish, concurrent, floating, consumption, usage, and so forth. So that's the key part is we provide that abstraction.

The other thing we do is act as that system of record. Right? If you are a software company and you've sold a certain set of rights, what we would call entitlements, against, your intellectual property, you want to know from a definitive standpoint exactly what you've sold to each of your customers. So you can make sure that you're fulfilling against them.

Right? So that system of record, who has what, what are the changes? What's the audit trail around it? That's another key part of what Zentitle is all about.

One of the other key aspects is often developers will build in specific business models into their application. What Zentitle provides the ability to do is through implementing our APIs into the application itself. You can insulate a given application or portfolio of applications from having to worry about the specific business model, the specific go to market approach. So whether it's sold on subscription or trial of feature or what have you, The engineer is developing that application. Don't have to worry about that. All of that can be figured out later by product management, all they need to focus in, what features should be enabled for a given license.

This also frees up developers to really just focus on that core functionality, right, stuff that actually is built around their domain expertise that delivers value to the end customer. So by allowing development to focus on that as opposed to enforcing business models and such. They can really get the biggest bang for the buck.

From an operation standpoint, sales operation back office. It also allows all of that fulfillment of entitlements to be automated.

Often, we've seen in the past that software vendors would been considerable manual effort when they wanted to spin up a new instance, generate a brand new account, and it would be very error prone. So what we allow is to automate all of that, which gives you two benefits. One is consistency because everything is done through the same automation. And that streamlining of the entire process.

And of course, one of the important aspects is it automatically ensures that all of your customers are within compliance of the license terms under which you sold them those entitlements.

So you don't have to worry about are they overusing or are they underusing it, etc. because through our platform, we'll tell you exactly what their usage is, as well as give you confidence. That whatever the license terms that need to be strictly enforced are, in fact, being enforced. So really Zentitle in a nutshell is a way of automating your software business, giving you a lot more agility, giving you a lot more flexibility to really price package and sell your offerings any way you want.