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Various ways you can use IDPs or account-based licensing methods

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One of the ways we really wanted to make easy for end customers to access the underlying entitlement was to support a variety of different activation models. One of course is the traditional license keys. License keys are just an arbitrary string. The format of that is completely up to you as the ISV, can, you know, have digits, you know, whatever you want it to be. The other approach though that people are interested in these days is what we call identity or account-based licensing.

And that allows an end customer to leverage some kind of identity in terms of accessing a seat. So if you're familiar with Adobe Creative Cloud or Office365, this is very common, especially in SaaS style applications.

Now from our standpoint, we do incorporate as part of the core platform and IDP so we can host an instant of that identity platform for you, if you'd prefer to have us manage it. But we also allow you to leverage any other identity platform that you may have in house already, as long as it supports the Open ID Connect standard, which of course pretty well. Everyone does. So this would include platforms like AuthZero or Octa, Azure AD, ForgeRock, you know, various others. So by tying into that IDP over open ID connect, your end customers will be able to easily access their licenses through that email password-based model. The other benefit this provides you is that you can leverage federation. Of identity platforms.

So for example, if you've got customers say at Boeing or Citigroup or what have you, then if they use a particular, IDP, perhaps Octa from a corporate standpoint, that can tie into your IDP, including the one that we can host for you so that those end customers sitting in that environment can use their same single sign-on credentials that they use for managing all the other applications in their environment and use that exact same set of credentials, same set of policies in order to be able to access licenses against your application.