Zentitle and Renewals

Handling renewals is much easier with Zentitle, upsell opportunities, and avoiding churn

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"I have used Zentitle for about 10 years and it is definitely the best licensing I have worked with in my support career.

I have worked with around 10 different licensing platforms and used many others with the products I purchased.

None have been as reliable, easy to use and implement for support and customers alike."

Kelly Bishop

Technical Support

"Fantastic flexibility is key in how we license our software and features in order to provide a smooth experience for our end users.

Zentitle delivered on this and more. Enough tools to provide us with what we need to integrate with our existing business systems.

EUP is easy to set up giving our users more control over managing and distributing our licenses."

Mark Senior

Sales Director

"Zentitle overall does a great job in getting a license solution to customers. The tool has plenty of features to match business requirements.

Maintaining an in-house solution would be expensive and time consuming.

Zentitle provides a service where you do not need to worry about this and focus on your business."

Chris Ang


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What's in this video

One of the key aspects in any software company's business is handling renewals and really getting good visibility into how your customers are actually making use of the licenses that you sold them, say, a year ago. And so the way Zentitle can be that Renewal Team's best friend is acting as an early warning indicator.

So for example, let's say you sold a customer, you know, a hundred concurrent seats of something.

And by looking at their usage over time over the last six months, several last twelve months, Here in this particular scenario, you can see that they started out well and almost used the full capacity that they had purchased. But over time, The usage has waned. And so that's a really good early warning indicator that, hey, you may have trouble when you're actually looking to renew the account, are they actually going to renew at all? Are they going to renew at a lower number of seats, and so forth. So Having good visibility upfront way ahead of the time of the renewal is critically important.

On the flip side, You may well identify customers that are making additional use. So perhaps you've got some overdraft licenses.

That you've enabled for their account. So they're actually going above their licensed amount. And so again, being able to know that and being able to look back at that historic for the last twelve months is great input into a renewal conversation to say, Hey, it looks like you're making great use of the software, you know, your above capacity, that's great. And so let's, do a renewal at one hundred and twenty licenses or one hundred and fifty licenses or what have you?

Similarly, what you would really love to see is brand new accounts, so maybe this is the first year. You know, they've not really known kind of what the amount is of licenses that they should be buying. So maybe this number is relatively small. Twenty seats to begin with or what have you. But you're seeing good consistent growth over time against the account. So you're knowing that you're getting better penetration into the account, more and more use, more and more time, more and more value from that software. And again, this gives you the ability to have a fact based conversation with that customer in order to get them to a higher level of no of seats for that renewal.

The other aspect of all of this kind of information is if you choose to enable it, You can provide these exact same visualizations to your end customers through our end user portal so they can look at their own analysis and see, yeah, we are growing to exceed our number of, purchase licenses, and so we should start to budget for a higher tier, for the next time. So Zentitle N Renewals, their best friend in terms of really being armed with information about usage, waxing, waning, and being able to take that into account into that renewal conversation.