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What's in this video

One of the innovations that Nalpeiron brought to the market a number of years ago was the whole approach of cloud-based licensing. So rather than having to run your own infrastructure, you simply get an account with us on our multi-tenant platform, and we can set everything up for you, give you that full SLA of 99.9%+ and you can get up and running very quickly.

Now the way cloud-based licensing works is you can create This set of entitlements within our cloud, we give you a full set of APIs, a management API, as well as a license licensing API. And so the full system of record of who bought what is contained within that Zentitle Cloud.

And then your end customers can access the rights that those entitlements represent by either our SAS licensing API, again, straight rest-based connection between your application and the Zentitle Cloud.

We have for your on-prem applications. We can generate a library for you, so a DLL, shared object, Dialib, etcetera, depending on the OS that you're working with, and that can be used to activate a given entitlement in those on-prem environments.

And we even support, you know, various embedded environments, embedded Linux, etc. So if you have some hardware based product where you need to be able to monetize part of the value of that hardware product based on software monetization principles, subscriptions, feature based licensing capacity, etc., then you can leverage it that way as well. So all of this then connects to whatever your order fulfillment process is, whether it's a CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, NetSuite, what have you, dynamics, e-commerce environments like Stripe, Zwora, Chargeify, and so forth. So by having Zentitle as a cloud-based licensing platform at the core of your Organization, you get full visibility into everything that you're responsible for providing to your customers, as well as the ability to manage the life cycle and update of all those entitlements over time.