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What's in this video

One of the things that we consistently hear from software vendors is that they want to provide direct visibility into the licenses that a given customer has purchased to that group of customers, whether that is procurement or the individual end users themselves. And so in order to facilitate that, we've created an end-user facing portal. So this is a very flexible skinable portal that you can use to allow your customers to log on.

You can have a logo and skinned branded experience.

So they can see all the individual licenses that they have purchased against their account. The current state of those licenses, who's using what, how many seats are being used what's the historical use over time, and so forth, including if you choose to enable that, the ability to see licensed usage usage over time. So you can see how many seats are actively being used over the last thirty, sixty, ninety days, high watermarks, low watermarks, and so forth.

So this gives your end customers the ability to have self-serve access to the current state.

Give them full transparency and license visibility so you can see exactly what's going on.

Also gives them great reporting capabilities so they can easily see, hey, what are all the list of licenses? How many seats are being used? When do they come up for renewal and so forth?

As mentioned, fully brandable and skinnable, so you can have your own logo, you can have your own custom stylesheet. You can also rename that to a domain of your choice.

This also gives the end customers, specifically the admins, the ability to do user management. So if you have, for example, named user-based licenses or other identity based approaches, the admin that is using this portal can add users, delete users, move users around and so forth. It also acts as a portal for managing offline activation. So if you need to support on-prem applications that need to be activated in an offline environment, whether that's individual node lock or network based licensing, then this portal can serve as the administration for all of that as well. So that's the end user portal. It, is typically a very, very useful function for ISVs to deliver to their, end customers.

And by us developing that as an out of the box solution, it really saves you as the vendor all the time and effort to create your own portal to worry about all the use cases, all the jobs to be done, and gives you an out of the box package that is fully functional that really gives a very powerful tool to both you and your end customers.