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I have worked with around 10 different licensing platforms and used many others with the products I purchased.

None have been as reliable, easy to use and implement for support and customers alike."

"Fantastic flexibility is key in how we license our software and features in order to provide a smooth experience for our end users.

Zentitle delivered on this and more. Enough tools to provide us with what we need to integrate with our existing business systems.

EUP is easy to set up giving our users more control over managing and distributing our licenses."

"Zentitle overall does a great job in getting a license solution to customers. The tool has plenty of features to match business requirements.

Maintaining an in-house solution would be expensive and time consuming.

Zentitle provides a service where you do not need to worry about this and focus on your business."

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What's in this video

Hi. It's very clear how a platform like Zentitle allows software vendors with on-premise software to easily monetize those applications.

But let's look at the use of Zentitle within pure SaaS environments.

So often, you know, with a SaaS company that will still, of course, be an order entry process, whether that's Salesforce, dynamics, e-commerce, what have you. And then ultimately, that needs to result in something that allows the SaaS application to understand what particular plan, what set of features, when does a license expire, and so forth. So we've seen a couple of different models. One is sometimes the application will take its cue directly from the CRM environment and so it'll go back and query Salesforce and such.

But, of course, Salesforce is not really intended for that, and it isn't really good at acting as a system of record for overall sets of entitlements tracking them through life cycle changes and so forth. So often what is done instead of that, is that the SaaS application vendor will build into the application itself, some kind of console, some sort of admin account that allows somebody perhaps in, you know, customer success or sales operations or what have you to create an account within that SaaS application for the given customer set the appropriate permissions and so forth. Again, relatively manual process.

So what Zentitle brings to the table is by putting Zentitle in the middle as that system of record As orders are fulfilled, you can drive that into zone title to create the appropriate entitlement, identify what features should be enabled and so forth. And then have your application take its cue from the Zentitle Cloud in order to understand what individual features and subscription terms and such should be enforced.

So the benefit of using Zentitle within a pure SaaS environment is it gives you this abstraction capability where the application itself doesn't need to know about any of the specific go to market approaches, which plans or a trial or what have you, All it needs to do is enforce policy at the feature or parameter level based on the entitlement for that customer.

One of the benefits of using Zentitle also is a very powerful set of APIs that can then be used to easily integrate with your back so you can drive order fulfillment, as well as capture usage information and other aspects.

It also gives you the ability through our role based access control of Zentitle gives you the ability to specify who is in your organization, you wanna be able to see what information about your customers. So for example, support personnel may have a certain set of rights in order to be able to query what a given customer has, but you may have sales operations, people, or others that need the ability to actively manage and update or customize the rights for a given account.

The other benefit of using Zentitle for this core piece is that audit trail and life cycle management function. So every single operation with incident title is recorded, who did it, when, why, etc.

And gives you that ability to see the full history against a customer account, all the changes that have been made. Also gives you the ability to undo those changes if you want to revert back to a previous version of the entitlement.

That life cycle management aspect is also important because it gives you the easy ability to perform, changes to given entitlements, extend a subscription through a renewal add on additional seats and so forth.

Of course, having this as a central repository gives you great reporting capabilities so you can run reports to say, hey, show me all the customer accounts that are gonna expire in the next thirty days. Or show me all the customer accounts that have this particular feature enabled, or show me all the accounts that have made use of this feature in the last thirty days. So really good reporting access.

And of course, through those APIs, the ability to integrate with the rest of your back office whether from an order fulfillment or downstream.

And that also allows you to automate whatever processes you have. So where as we said, a lot of the prior approaches were fairly manual.

The automation that the APIs allow you You can splice this into an automated streamlined approach of managing that entire order to cash flow.

And of course, one of the key aspects is the ability to enforce whatever policy and to know that whatever your customer has purchased will actually be in forced within the use of your application. So this gives you a full tech stack that you can easily integrate into your back office removes the burden of the application developers needing to understand intimately what business models want to be used and gives you that central view that a variety of different stakeholders in your organization can use to understand exactly who bought what and what the organization's obligations are.