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Customer subscriptions can have contingency for when renewals are a little slower

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What's in this video

One of the things that can be very helpful when working with customers on a subscription basis is to build some kind of contingency into the expiration date of the license itself. So what do we mean? Well, if you have a subscription perhaps for one year starts January first and then ends at the end of the year.

Per especially since it ends at the end of the year, often things are a little complex and chaotic around year end. And so ensuring that the renewal gets done before the end of the year can sometimes be a little challenging.

So what you can do, again, fully under your control, your choice, you can build in what we call a grace period. So a grace period acts as an extension of the subscription. So they're built into that license. So here, the license would be for a one year subscription expiring on December thirty first, but with a grace period until January, fourteenth.

And so that allows the end customer to run your application up until January fourteenth.

Now as they use it between January first and the fourteenth, Your application will get the status through our APIs to say, Hey, this customer is currently in a grace period. So you can perhaps provide that as feedback to the end customer to say, hey, you're in a grace period. You should really renew your license because gonna expire January fourteenth, or or you have a grace period until January fourteenth and so forth. So this just gives you some additional flexibility in terms of that working relationship with that customer.

Now, when you actually process the renewal against this subscription, Of course, if you extend that license for another year, it will use the expiration date as the last valid date.

And so you'll then be able to update that license from January first twenty twenty four to January or December thirty first twenty twenty four, etcetera. So for renewals and ongoing updates, we'll use the expiration date, but that grace period gives you that safety zone in order to work that relationship out with your customer.