Zentitle2 - an introduction to its interface

Understand the basics of the Zentitle2 interface by watching this video

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What's in this video

In this short video, we're gonna take you through the Zentitle2 interface, show you how to navigate it, get access to the documentation, and so on. So let's go.

First, sign in to your account using the URL that was included in your welcome email.

This will bring you initially to the Zentitle to dashboard.

This gives you a high level view as to the number of objects that you have of various types, how many entitlements, how many offerings, products, and plans, We'll go through each of those in more detail in another video.

We'll also be extending the dashboard further with additional charts and graphs show you the activity on your account.

Queue set up, products and plans. Go to the configuration tab.

Products allows you to define the standard set, features and attributes that you want licenses for a given product to have.

And then plans defines the specific business model that should be used.

Then under offerings, offerings allow you to easily create standard patterns of, products and business plans so that you can sell say in a good, better, best kind of environment, you can sell the good addition with five seats with a perpetual license model or a better addition with ten seats, with a one year subscription license model, and so forth.

Entitlements gives you the list of all the specific licenses or entitlements that are currently in the system.

And one of the things that we've introduced in many of the table views is the ability to easily sort ascending descending by any column, and we also can export that to an Excel spreadsheet, and we also have a column chooser. So if you want to, put some columns in that given table, but not others, or change the order, you can easily do so. Add filters and so forth.

Customers gives you a list of your customers. Of course, those can be entered by hand or can be added programmatically through the management API.

And under account, one of the things you may initially want to do is invite your colleague so you can add additional accounts, putting in their email address, entering a username for them, first name, last name, and then select their role. So we have half a dozen predefined roles, everything from account administrator that allows the person to do everything to, say, a support role that gives them really restricted ability against everything from a read only standpoint but does still allow them to reset individual seats activated against the license.

If you're looking for what permissions are associated with which roles, if you go to our documentation to the Zentitle2 overview under account, and users, then there's this table of what all the fine grained permissions are against each of the given roles.

Under account, you can also set up webhook handlers.

So just add a webhook with the URI of that particular webhook implementation could could be a Zapier URL, for example.

And then you select the specific events that you want to trigger that event handler against. We also have timed events. So if you want to perhaps generate transactional email notification to a customer about an upcoming license that is is expiring say in thirty days. Simply select that event and then handle it accordingly sending out that email.

Here, you can create API credentials for use of the management API.

And under end user portal, you can upload your logo a custom CSS for the end user portal and we'll give you more details about that in another video.

And then as we have already viewed the documentation, so this Zentitle to overview has a lot of good information, especially this key concepts page, which gives you all the relationship between products plans, offerings, features, and so forth.

We also have the management API, so a full open API based specification, you can download that if you want to programmatically generate language bindings, say Ruby, PHP, C sharp, c plus plus, and so forth, and then our licensing API. Also based on open API, with all the details of how to leverage that within your own applications.

And then additionally, we have a dot net client that builds on top of the functionality of the licensing API to provide even more functionality.

And we'll come out with additional SDKs for other languages to similarly build on top of the licensing API.

So with that, that's a very quick overview of the interface for Zentitle2. So hopefully, that gets you up and running quickly.

And the next video that we recommend you watch is how to set up your products and plans.