10-Second Activation - Connect Software Licensing and E-Commerce

10-Second Activation - Connect Software Licensing and E-Commerce

Salt and pepper. Peanut butter and jelly. Fish and chips. Let’s add a new brilliant combination – software licensing and e-commerce. Specifically, Nalpeiron’s Zentitle software licensing and FastSpring’s e-commerce solutions.

The partnership between Nalpeiron’s Zentitle and FastSpring unites world-class licensing and e-commerce for a powerful customer experience – purchase to activation in less than 10 seconds.

Easy as 1,2,3

Think about that from the customer perspective:

  1. Click to buy
  2. Receive license activation
  3. Use software

No hoops to jump through. No waiting to receive a license key or 24-hour activation follow-up. That’s service.

And it’s a chance to change a historical frustration. Zentitle, which is built on modern technology, has dramatically simplified the software licensing process. The integration with FastSpring adds speed that simplifies the whole purchasing and licensing process.

Startling Simple

A FastSpring storefront can easily exchange information with Zentitle, removing manual steps and creating a super easy experience for customers and your team.

  • Smooth and fast — credit card transaction to licensing to application activation
  • A purchase from your storefront automatically triggers licensing from Nalpeiron
  • Licensing type? Your choice — license codes, account-based using an email address and password and more
  • Process? Your call — select what works for trials, the sales cycle and licensing models

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