Consumption Based Licensing — Why Customers Love It

Consumption Based Licensing — Why Customers Love It

For companies seeking the ultimate easy-to-use and flexible customer experience, consumption based software licensing is a natural match. What’s not to like? Customers can pay as they use. Pre-payment with usage limits. Your customers will have options and you gain a valuable business advantage.

Consumption based licensing works using a pool of units called consumption tokens. The tokens are allocated to particular license codes or end users and then tracked. You can tell who has used what and over what timeframe.

Here are 3 reasons to start a love affair with this cutting-edge model.

  1. Crazy flexible. You can offer pay-as-you-go for your customers. Pre-paid licensing models also can be set up with usage limits. It’s easy to charge for extra usage.
  2. Flexible licensing model support. Consumption based licensing completely aligns with a subscription-based licensing strategy. You can apply usage limits within a subscription period. It also supports concurrent and account based licensing models.
  3. Goodbye doubt. Consumption tokens enable more precise tracking. Questions go away from customers about charges for licensing accuracy. And you can be more confident that you’re not missing revenue.

Consumption based licensing means you can successfully gain all sorts of new monetization scenarios, many of which are quite simple to articulate but traditionally have been very hard or impossible to achieve.

The best news? With Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, consumption licensing and tokens are easy to set up and it is equally simple to re-fill consumption token pools as required. These management operations can even be driven with ease via webservices.

If you’re ready to start a love affair with Consumption Based Licensing contact us today.

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