Software Licensing: Drowning in Support Tickets?

Software Licensing: Drowning in Support Tickets?

Our prospects say 60% or more of their support tickets are related to licensing frustrations — no wonder they say they want to do away with their existing software licensing when it is the very cause of these support tickets galore. It’s a battle your own support team likely constantly fights too, including updating machines, moving licenses, passwords and more.

The good news? By rethinking your licensing program, you can change the tide from drowning to a happy float in a serene waters.

Reduce Support Calls with the 10-Second Rule

This new rule, created by Nalpeiron, provides a fresh perspective that will bring relief to your support team. If it takes a customer longer than 10 seconds to finish a software licensing task, it’s usually the cause of support calls. Look for these signals:

  • Requiring customers to use arcane concepts like MAC addresses, host IDs or server names

  • Using license files that need to be put in obscure locations in the file system

  • Making an end user redo things due to a renewal, purchase of add-on features or additional seats

When you use a modern software licensing solution like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, all those complications go away. It all happens behind the scenes. Your customers gain an experience built around their needs — easy and smooth even with licensing changes. Goodbye support calls.

Make It Crazy Easy with Account Based Licensing

It’s hot and here’s why: simplicity! This approach only requires an email address and a password and that makes life easier for your support team.

There’s no more sending license codes back and forth which means your support calls drop. End users love it because they don’t need to remember a complicated license key.

The best news? You reduce those support calls without ever losing control. Your team manages entitlements in exactly the way you want for every licensing model, including Subscriptions, Usage Based, Feature Based and Concurrent models and more. With Zentitle, you can even easily integrate into an existing identity system.

Embrace the Cloud to Reduce Those Calls

Modern licensing technology like Zentitle uses cloud-based entitlement management. It helps reduce calls in 4 ways:

  1. Defined rights are communicated using a bi-directional link between the cloud and the end customer device, eliminating physical file delivery and installation

  2. The cloud takes care of all back and forth of information and maintains accuracy without manual intervention

  3. Rights are up and running fast, even for trials not requiring a license

  4. Changes or updates are automatically sent right to clients through the cloud

The big win here is automated information exchange and updates in a highly secure platform. That means less steps for clients and your support team.

Rethinking these areas empowers your company to change a long-time frustration. Licensing support calls don’t need to be an accepted way of life. Lead the way and become a hero.

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