Easier Software Trials? How to Create Love at First Click

Easier Software Trials? How to Create Love at First Click

Software trials play an important role in the selling process. It’s the first moment of the user experience where it can either be love at first click or no thank you. If you’re looking to improve your trial experience, a modern software licensing solution offers enormous flexibility to help you design a trial process that works best for you and your clients.

One of the capabilities Nalpeiron customers really appreciate is our built-in trial management. In fact, we offer two separate ways of working with customers and doing trials with your products.

Built-In Trials for Easy Set Up

With the built-in trial management, you simply select whether you want to enable built-in trials or not. If you say yes, you can specify the amount of time - 30 days, 60 days and more - to allow that trial out of the box. Also, with our feature-based licensing, you can define which features of your product should be turned on or off for that given trial.

Typically, the flow that customers set up will have a web form on their site that grabs registration information for people requesting the trial, including their email address. Once they get the email address, an automated email is sent to that customer to confirm the address is valid and includes a link into the actual application binary. The customer then installs that binary, starts running it and begins the automatic trial. As the application is run, you can also prompt for additional registration information. You could also make the application binary link available to the public at large, depending on whether you're a B2C application, B2B, etc. It works well in both environments.

Subscription Trials for Greater Control

he second way of doing trial management using Nalpeiron is through our built-in subscription capability. This allows you to provide an initial 30-day license on an automated basis to people requesting trials, which gives you more control over the capabilities you provide that specific individual.

Typically, you set up a web form on your site, which prompts for an email address and whatever additional registration information you need, such as first name, last name, company, purchase intent and so forth. Then, an automated email is sent embedding both a link to the download and a license code for that specific customer allocated dynamically by using our web services. Essentially, you allocate a fresh license code for each specific user associated with the user’s registration information. This allows you to connect to customers on an ongoing basis via the email address on file and gives you built-in verification that the email address is valid. The customer then uses the link to download the software, runs it and inputs that license code to activate the initial trial for whatever period you've set.

If customers run out of time and want an extension, you simply update that license code in the Nalpeiron cloud to extend the expiration date another five days, 30 days, 60 days or whatever policy you've created.

Also, with the full capability of Nalpeiron’s dynamic entitlements running, you can turn capabilities on or off or set higher or lower capacity limits using the agility fields. You gain more precise control over the set of rights that the trial customer is running.

Powerful analytics – How Engaged is Your Prospect?

For both types of trials, you can leverage Nalpeiron analytics to understand usage and gain insight into how engaged a prospect is with your product. Are they actively using it? Are they actively trying out different features? Of course, as with all Nalpeiron analytics, we give you the ability at the individual end user level to opt-in or opt-out. In fact, we can also allow you to easily block all data coming in from specific regions, countries and more.

Zentitle takes your trial experience from good to great. Make sure that first impression is strong and a potential new customer finds it easy to do business with you.

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