Engineer to Engineer, a Word About Licensing

Engineer to Engineer, a Word About Licensing

We talk to engineering teams all the time and we are of course engineers ourselves.

Here at Nalpeiron, directly from the technical perspective we engage with companies looking to use Zentitle very early on. This is because how you technically evaluate our offering is just as important as how your colleagues in other departments will be assessing us from a business flow perspective!

As a senior engineer or CTO, you need to look beyond the face value of any third party platform, going much deeper.

You’ll want to understand how the code, sdks, library and all the client/server interactions work.

You’ll probably have in your mind implementation strategies that you need to ensure happen, because you’ve built up huge knowledge and experience that needs to be taken into account.

You’ll want to understand best practices that avoid potential pitfalls and miscoding.

You’ll want to understand the whole lifecycle experience, each and every run-time scenario you need to cover.

The good news is that here at Nalpeiron you’ll get to understand everything you need, because we’ll help you with all of the above, right from the off. We understand that engineers are first-class citizens when it comes to a licensing platform decision.

Zentitle makes engineering sense.

We are confident that when you technically assess Zentitle, you’ll be impressed at how Zentitle works and it will make engineering sense to you.

Engineering excellence is one thing, but deep experience and understanding of licensing operations is another.

Building yourself? It is that deep experience and understanding of licensing operations that can’t be overlooked. Building licensing yourself is such a tough job without this.

So many companies we speak to have tried to create their own licensing before, then when they put it into practice it didn’t hold up. Over time the problems stack up and it can’t take the company to where it needs to be.

We’ve been delivering licensing to software companies for well over 15 years now, about 300M+ transactions a month go through our servers. There are thousands of scenarios we have to cover and keep covering, because out in the wild there are so many caveats, complexities and constraints.

So what are we saying? We’re saying let’s talk! Grab a meeting with your team.

As the technical licensing experts here at Nalpeiron we’re always delighted when we get to speak to and work with engineers!

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