Entitlements are at the Center of Your Business

Entitlements are at the Center of Your Business

We know it, do you know it? Entitlements are right at the core of what you do as a Software or SaaS Vendor.

What are Entitlements? Of course, you know what License Codes are, they’ve been around a long time, but License Codes are increasingly either ‘just something in the background’ that’s not visible, or they just don’t exist.

A customer’s License Code in conjunction with a licensing platform determines their particular rights for a product, from the features they are allowed to use, to the license model, such as subscription, perpetual, or usage-based - these are what we call the customer’s Entitlements.

More and more software vendors like you are keen to centralize the Entitlements of all their customers across their entire product portfolio of software titles. Doing this makes total sense, using one platform frees vendors from having disparate systems which might have a significant overlap of the same customers. It simplifies business operations and reduces staffing requirements at the same time.

For a software vendor, freeing themselves from multiple systems and consolidating them onto one future proof platform is a major objective.

Future proofing is vital. Software companies who traditionally sell on-premise applications are increasingly selling hybrid offerings which blend together an on-premise application with a cloud-based element. Think Adobe Creative Cloud, where users can now store, share and collaborate on projects in the cloud from their desktop applications such as Photoshop and InDesign. Adobe also include cloud access to Stock Photography for use in these projects as part of the subscriptions to their traditional on-premise applications.

Beyond hybrid on-premise/cloud applications there is of course the world of pure SaaS. By centralizing your Entitlements onto one dedicated platform like Zentitle, as you transition to offer hybrid or pure SaaS offerings, you can offer all this to your existing customer base, without having to start all over again with a separate licensing approach.

A centralized entitlement approach, that Zentitle brings to the table, also means that once integrated, your CRM, Ecommerce, Subscription Management, ERP, and Billing operations can easily continue be leveraged whatever the next product offering is: On-premise, On-premise/Cloud Hybrid, or pure SaaS.

Want to know more about how Zentitle can take your business forward?

Reach out for a quick meeting, no obligation, we’d love to hear from you and talk about where the right licensing can take your business in 2022.

If you choose Nalpeiron, you’ve got the expertise and track record of a true leader in licensing behind you. Partnering with us means you have the backing of a world-class engineering and support team and a relationship with your licensing vendor that is refreshing, responsive and engaging.

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