Fast Licensing - Purchase to Activation in 10 Seconds

Fast Licensing - Purchase to Activation in 10 Seconds

At our recent Joint Webinar with FastSpring, we gave you a glimpse into an easier life. Here are reasons to move to the next step — try it out.

When you integrate FastSpring and Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, you’ll feel like your licensing program turned into a relaxing summer breeze. Your FastSpring storefront can easily exchange information with Zentitle, removing manual steps and creating a super easy experience for customers — and your team.

  • Smooth and fast — credit card transaction to licensing to application activation
  • A purchase from your storefront automatically triggers licensing from Nalpeiron
  • Licensing type? Your choice — license codes, account-based using an email address and password and more
  • Process? Your call — account based ‘simply ready to sign-in and use’ or automatically deliver a licensing code

If you’ve admired the Adobe Creative Cloud style user experience, the integration between FastSpring and Zentitle will get you there. Contact us today to try it out.

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