Get Off The Killer Release Treadmill by Moving to Subscription or Usage Models

Get Off The Killer Release Treadmill by Moving to Subscription or Usage Models

Learn from the major names in software and drive new and increased revenue the modern way, through changing up your licensing strategy.

Software houses are constantly in a cycle of trying to find the next headline features to develop to be the main draw for their next version. The larger software houses have wizened up, taking a new approach.

New versions are traditionally released painting the new version as being desirable for all the new things it does. Customer upgrades have been a main focus for vendors, in order to draw in new revenue.

Switching to subscription or usage-based licensing models means customer revenues are recurring by nature, and this stops the crushing need for new killer features, and lessens the temptation to ‘bloat’ software.

You will have noticed the likes of Adobe and Microsoft offering their products primarily via subscription models now. This is founded in the fact that it drives recurring revenue efficiently, plus the low cost of entry to new customers simply works as a buying proposition too. If it didn’t, the major software houses would have reverted back to old-style perpetual licensing style sales models.

Software bloat has been a trap for software companies for years. Most of us only have to think about Microsoft Word to see that we only use a very small percentage of its available features. These features you will know are not cheap to produce, maintain and support. Software bloat has caused the reaction of disruption happening across the software industry, where the opportunity to provide a simpler more focussed product is everywhere.

Zentitle empowers you to switch to these modern licensing models, like Adobe and Microsoft have, and to do so before your competition overhauls you by doing the same, making their offering more attractive than yours. Note, this is through nothing but licensing, not features, when was the last time you saw these major software houses shouting from the rooftops about a new release in the way they used to? Times have moved on.

A switch to a modern cloud-based licensing platform makes you much more agile, future proofing you and giving you what you need to adapt and keep adapting to modern market approaches.

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