Hidden Costs of Legacy Software Licensing Systems

Hidden Costs of Legacy Software Licensing Systems

IT teams face a daily battle called “Shadow IT,” caused by employees purchasing software outside of IT. To protect the company from software attacks, it causes hidden costs and time that drain resources.

If your company uses an older software licensing platform, you face the same risks of hidden time and costs. It’s like the bulk of a submerged iceberg — it may not be above the surface but it’s there.

How to Stop the Cost Drain

The simple reason causing this behind the scenes drain? That older software is built on old technology. Modern licensing platforms using the latest technology enable simpler and cleaner processes, integration and user experiences. A cloud architecture changes how licensing works, simplifying life for your team and customers.

Today’s software licensing solutions help save time and dollars in many ways, including:

  • Older systems use Windows service, which can cause huge portability and support issues and is often prone to breaking with software updates. Modern licensing solutions, like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, do not require use of Windows service. They even run cleanly in sandbox environments like the Mac.

  • Rehosting becomes much simpler. When older systems move a license from one machine to another, it’s often a complex and painful process that involves the support team helping customers. Plus, when you do a secure rehost, it’s hard to be sure the old platform is really removed. Today’s solutions like Zentitle do it out-of-the box through an easy self-serve method. You’ll reduce support costs and the need for customers to do arcane things like read out Mac addresses.

  • The free license loophole is removed. When customers alert you to a machine being destroyed, the newest technology allows you to have a real-time view of the state of all licenses and when last used. You’ll have verification that the machine is not in use and eliminate lost revenue.

  • Real-time visibility provides insights galore. You can see who is using licenses and when, individual stats on each machine, what operating systems are on what machine, service packs or versions, IP addresses used, where access to the app or service is occurring and more. Analytics even allow you to tie back to the exception handler for deeper views and immediate feedback.

Here’s the bottom line with using a modern software licensing solution like Zentitle. End users don’t have to worry about administering their own server daemons and all that technical nonsense. Your company simplifies time-consuming processes, reduces support costs and gains tremendous insight that protects revenue. What a win.

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