Integrate Zentitle Licensing with Stripe

Integrate Zentitle Licensing with Stripe

We understand how important it is for you as a Software Vendor to have simple and easy integration of all the parts of your systems, automating sales operations and fulfillment to your customers.

Your web store is responsible for processing sales and payments. When you sell your product online, getting paid is only the first step of the process. You then need to make the product available to the customer. With Zentitle and Stripe acting together this is all taken care of automatically.

When a customer pays using Stripe, behind the scenes a Nalpeiron webhook is called. When we receive this call, we get the payment details and automatically:

  • Create the user account in Zentitle
  • Get a fresh new license code(s) for it
  • Update the license code(s) in Zentitle with the information coming from Stripe that tells Zentitle the required configuration such as:
    - the number of allowed seats
    - the flavour or ‘profile’ of the product
    - any custom information Zentitle needs to know
  • Set the license’s subscription end date (eg. one month/year from now)
  • Zentitle then sends email confirmation to the customer along with their login details / license code(s)

When the subscription is automatically renewed in Stripe, the license code automatically gets updated in Zentitle.

If you are an existing customer interested in this new feature, reach out to your Account Manager for details who will be happy to help and to show you this in action.

New to Zentitle? Considering migrating to us from a home-grown solution that isn’t really working for you anymore? Had it up to here with your existing licensing provider?

Grab a quick meeting with us!

Together, we can have an informal conversation about what life looks like on the other side of the fence when you choose Zentitle by Nalpeiron, and the industry experts and highly responsive support and engineering team behind it.

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