Licensing — Stop Making Customers Call Support

Licensing — Stop Making Customers Call Support

There’s nothing worse than sitting on hold waiting for help, especially if all your customer wants to do is start using your software or make a simple license change. If they just went through a purchase from Adobe, Dropbox or Google, they are likely comparing the licensing experience to yours and that spells trouble for you.

If you use an old school licensing system, chances are it creates more support calls and customer angst. Result — an unhappy customer experience caused by issues like:

  • Taking a license file and randomly placing it in an obscure location in the file system

  • Exposing customers to complicated and arcane concepts — MAC addresses, “Host IDs” or server names

  • Requiring “do-overs” of the entire licensing process when license rights change due to a renewal of a subscription, purchase of add-on features or additional seats

Even if you have the nicest support team in the world, the bottom line is that your customers don’t want to call for licensing support. They don’t want to deal with crazy details. They don’t want to dig around just to get software working or make small changes. They just want it to work.

Make Life Easier and Simplify the Licensing Experience

A customer-centric approach is the key to success and Nalpeiron’s Zentitle licensing technology can unlock it for you. Make obscure licensing files along with complicated (and insecure) MAC addresses, “host IDs” or server names things of the past. A modern licensing solution offers the technical architecture that enables you to stop being a slave to how the system works and empowers you to put customers first.

What’s different? Software licensing technology fully supports a customer experience perspective because it’s built on a different platform and structure. These changes mean it’s a great time to take a step back and assess your current program. Here are the areas to explore:

  • Will it build customer-centric licensing focused on a great end user experience?

  • Is it easier for customers to upgrade, renew, rehost and view their entitlements, resulting in less customer support calls and higher satisfaction?

  • Does it support friction-free licensing that allows you and your customers to be up and running quickly?

  • Will it eliminate excessive details and confusing jargon for the user?

  • Would new models like account-based or consumption-based licensing create happier customers?

It’s time to make license management easier. Whatever the licensing model — perpetual, subscription based, concurrent, floating feature, hardware, multi-platform and others — Zentitle will help you put your customers first, eliminate complicated and arcane concepts and reduce the dreaded support call.

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