Make Bulk Licenses Easier for Customers

Make Bulk Licenses Easier for Customers

Customers today are demanding smarter ways of dealing with multiple users and bulk licenses. They expect an experience that simplifies using software and keeping track of licenses. Without “bulk made easy,” you risk losing customers and attracting new ones.

Yes, it’s time to move beyond the old school “one user, one license.” The model is not easy for customers. And, it also draws attention to the work needed to manage an inventory of licenses to keep the right side of the law regarding EULAs. The good news – there’s an easy solution for bulk licensing and much more.

Modern Licensing – the Easy Way to Go Bulk

A great place to start is exploring a modern, cloud-based software licensing platform. A cloud architecture, like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, provides the freedom to deliver to multiple users on the same license code. For example, you can have 200 users on one license code, which makes it much easier for customers to manage licenses and your team to track. You can even create a cost effective scenario with Concurrent Licensing, which permits a maximum number of users at one time to use a license code.

Bonus – Increased Visibility

The other bonus of a modern software licensing solution is more visibility whatever model you use. You gain huge leaps in control by eliminating manual steps and centralizing information. Today’s technology removes exposing license keys to employees, which opens up risk if they leave the company. Your administrator has stronger oversight and an easier ability to add, delete or revise an existing license. You’ll also have access to a brandable customer-facing portal (for all models), which provides important information for administrators, your support team and your end users.

Business customers want less work and less pain. By using Zentitle, you will create an experience that is clear, frictionless and simple. If you have a multi-user licensing scenario in your sights, contact us today to discover a proven solution that will get the job done.

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