A New Licensing Platform? Easier than You Think

A New Licensing Platform? Easier than You Think

“Even though we are frustrated with our current licensing platform, moving to a new one just seems too daunting!”

Yes, we frequently hear this concern. It’s quite a dilemma. You know your current system is letting you and your customers down, but the thought of moving to a new (even though significantly better) system just seems too much of a challenge.

The good news? Nalpeiron’s proven process makes this transition painless for you and your customers. Here’s how.

Take advantage of bulk licensing data imports

Taking your existing customer entitlements, whether in a 3rd party licensing platform or within your own database, and importing them into Zentitle by Nalpeiron is easier than you think. Simply do a data export of your existing entitlement data (into a .CSV, etc.), then define the new entitlement structure within Zentitle and let us know the structure of the legacy licensing data. We’ll work with you to map all the information over in a single bulk import and verify mapping accuracy.

Abstraction Layers are your friend

Many software companies have implemented their use of a licensing system by writing a higher-level abstraction layer that all of their products use to manage their licenses. If this is the case, then simply rewriting that abstraction layer with the Zentitle licensing calls makes the migration a straightforward task.

Even if you haven’t used an abstraction layer approach, if your applications are already configured to work with a licensing system (either homegrown or 3rd party), then you’ve likely already identified all the key areas where Zentitle licensing calls will be needed — you can do a more or less 1:1 replacement of the old calls with new.

Use Silent Activation for minimal client disruption

A migration to a new system can often be invisible to your end-users by using an approach called Silent Activation. When you roll out the first version of your application based on Zentitle, you can set it up to look for a prior license code or other identifier that can then be used to map to the new Zentitle-based entitlement and seamlessly (and silently) activate under the new model. The migration is then complete and the user will have the exact same set of rights as under the old system.

Assess the advantages of a better customer experience

While there is still some effort required to move to a new system, the benefits are vast. The Zentitle cloud-based platform dramatically improves the end-customer experience, giving you major new monetization models to leverage, and provides far greater visibility and simplicity for you and your customers.

With a good plan and these best practices, what seems like a big challenge is actually very doable and opens up a world of new benefits for your team and your clients — and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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