They Drive Revenue - New Software Licensing Models

They Drive Revenue - New Software Licensing Models

They Drive Revenue - Software Licensing Software Models

If you are still using one or two old software licensing models, let's be blunt, it’s old school and probably limiting your revenue.

It’s time to expand from the solid choices of chocolate and vanilla ice cream to all sorts of ice cream flavors. And, yes, Nalpeiron’s Zentitle is a perfect choice to get there.

Zentitle has a full selection of modern licensing models and techniques. More ways to grow. More ways to be flexible. More choices on how it can fit into your business. Let’s check some of them out.

  1. Account Based - Have you admired the simple “login and use” experience provided by Adobe, Microsoft, Dropbox, Evernote, Google and iCloud? You can do it with Zentitle. It only requires an email address and password. No complicated licenses. Fewer support calls.

  2. Consumption Licensing - It’s a popular request from today’s end users. Can we pay for what we use or set up pre-payment with usage limits? When you have the power to meet this customer need with full insight into usage, you create a valuable business advantage.

  3. Subscription Based Licensing - If you’ve used Netflix or even Microsoft Office, you are familiar with subscription or SaaS licensing. Zentitle's cloud-based Licensing makes it easy to do for your regular desktop, server, IoT and mobile type software or even a hybrid situation.

  4. Concurrent Licensing – It simplifies the administration of bulk licensing for your customers. It’s an easy way for them to buy what they need to use and to use what they need to buy. Adaptable, powerful, live and on-the-fly.

  5. Floating Feature Licensing - For customers with multiple instances of your software, you can cap the number of instances of a feature or ability that can be used at the same time. For example, 10 users are using copies of your software, but only a maximum of 3 can use a certain feature at once. The ultimate in flexibility.

  6. Element Pools Licensing - For customers running multiple instances, you can restrict access or the ability to use a certain resources through Element Pools. For example, if your software is run on 10 graphics workstations, and they have access to a total of 100 processing cores to render final frames, Element Pools lets each of the 10 workstations have access to the 100 cores in any amounts. However, the total cores used by all machines together at any one time cannot exceed 100.

    ....and there’s more...

  7. Perpetual Licensing - This “tried and true” standard of the “buy then use forever” approach is fully supported by Zentitle, complete with Offline Activation.

  8. End-date Based Licensing – simple, a customer is licensed up until a specified date. Control and change that date via the API from your Backend / eCommerce / CRM.

  9. Features Based Licensing – customers use the feature set they have paid for, then turn features on or off in future, even works with individual features having their own individual licensing model.

  10. Suite Based Licensing – want to selling a Lite/Std/Pro suite-based offering? Not a problem, ship one installer and customers only get to use which one they’ve paid for, with easy upgrades just a moment away with no re-installation required.

  11. Network Licensing – many business customers operate in ‘dark sites’ where internet connectivity is restricted for security reasons. Zentitle’s Network Licensing makes licensing to these customers easy.

  12. Offline Licensing – when software can’t talk to the internet due to a firewall, customers can use Zentitle’s Offline Activation to activate. Zentitle also has an End-User Portal which does even more, allowing customers to manage and view their own license usage.

  13. Hardware Licensing – Zentitle helps Hardware Manufacturers monetize effectively through licensing the usage of the hardware and how it operates.

  14. Maintenance Contract Licensing – incredibly, many ISVs don’t have a handle on exactly which software licenses are paid-up and entitled to maintenance, with Zentitle the relationship of which have maintenance contracts is known.

  15. Multi-platform Licensing – Zentitle can deliver license models across Desktop, Server, SaaS on a wide array of operating systems allowing you as an ISV to centralize the licensing of all your product portfolio onto one single licensing platform.

  16. Trials – make Trials, with any kind of limitation, (x days/free month/usage limited) drive revenue upwards with Zentitle, choose Trial Registration if you like and trigger your marketing systems.

Remember, many of these software licensing models can be used in conjunction with each other when you use Zentitle.

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