Old School vs. Modern Software Licensing?

Old School vs. Modern Software Licensing

Software licensing technology has undergone dramatic change. What’s different? Check out this short recap.

Old School Licensing Process

  1. One way flow of information, that begins with a definition of entitlement rights
  2. Rights are encapsulated in a digitally signed license file
  3. The file is physically delivered to the end user by email, FTP or other vehicle
  4. The file is installed on a machine or network which leads to the end user eventually using the software
  5. With updates, the whole chain is repeated and sometimes includes an uninstallation process

The support issues and time involved are extensive.

Modern Software Licensing Process

  1. Current licensing technology, like Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, uses cloud-based entitlement management
  2. Defined rights are communicated using a bi-directional link between the cloud and the end customer device, eliminating physical file delivery and installation
  3. The cloud takes care of all back and forth of information and maintains accuracy without manual intervention
  4. Rights are up and running fast, even for trials not requiring a license
  5. Changes or updates are automatically sent right to clients through the cloud

Modern licensing technology dramatically simplifies life for clients. Everything is up and running fast. Happy clients. Happy support team.

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