One ring to rule them all — a centralized multi-environment licensing platform

a centralized multi-environment licensing platform

Once upon a time there was a software company sat in a quiet valley. It was successful, and it sold its software to its customers who eagerly opened the box and popped the installation CD into their new brand new 4x cd drive. After much whirring and buzzing they were ready to type in their serial number off the card that was in the box and get started.

Life was simple, software was simple, and everyone was happy.

FFWD 20 years…

The software company still had offices in the same valley, but they now had many offices, but it had been years since they’d shipped such an old-hat thing as a CD. You could look their company up on the internet, and as you did so you might have done so on your phone, coincidentally they now made software for that phone too.

On your phone, just like on your desktop version of their software, you could access cloud-based functionality, roaming from device to device. It was seamless, it was easy, and yet for anyone who knows about licensing, underneath the hood this is complex.

Many software companies like you are expanding their offerings, across environments including Desktop, Server, Cloud, IoT, Mobile and more. Offering customers the ease of access that comes with letting them use your offerings on all their devices.

Until now, choosing a licensing vendor that can license your offerings across these different environments has been a dead end road. It isn’t any longer, as Zentitle by Nalpeiron is built to allow you to centralize all your licensing operations, for all your platforms and environments under one roof.

With account based licensing (or ‘login and use’ with your username/password), Zentitle allows your end-users to use your software across all the ways you offer it, and it provides you with one all-powerful ‘one ring to rule them all’ centralised multi-environment licensing platform (minus the evil of course).

So, if you’re diversifying, or maybe you are already suffering the pain of split and disparate licensing systems, maybe it’s time you saw what Zentitle by Nalpeiron can do for your enterprise operations.

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