Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Next Licensing Solution

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Your Next Licensing Solution

It can’t be stressed enough how much the Customer Experience matters when it comes to Software Licensing.

We constantly talk with companies who have seen up to 60% of their Support Tickets be down to Licensing issues, difficulties and misunderstandings. ALL of these represent frustrated customers - you want happy customers not frustrated ones, right?


Ask: What takes end users more than 10 seconds today?

  • Does an end user have to perform licensing tasks all over again when license rights change due to a renewal of a subscription, purchase of add-on features or additional seats?
  • Do they have to take a license file and stick it in an obscure location in the file system?
  • Are customers having to be pointlessly exposed to complicated and arcane concepts — MAC addresses, “Host IDs” or server names?

Ask: What advantages does the latest licensing technology bring?

  • Does it support friction-free licensing that gets you and your customers up and running quickly?
  • Will it eliminate users dealing with excessive details and confusing jargon?
  • Will it enable you to build customer-centric licensing focused on a great end user experience?
  • Does it make it far easier for customers to upgrade, renew, rehost and view their entitlements, resulting in less customer support overhead and higher customer satisfaction?

Ask: How easy would it be to migrate to a new system?

  • How does a new solution support mass migration of your existing entitlements?
  • Is silent activation functionality offered so a change requires “zero touch” for customers?
  • Does the vendor have success with transitioning clients from legacy environments to a new system?

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