Reduced support and improved customer satisfaction

Reduced support and improved customer satisfaction

It is common that up to 60% or more of support tickets relate to customer frustrations around licensing, Zentitle drops that dramatically

Did you know, (you’ve likely experienced this), that a massive 60% of support tickets can be down to poor Software Licensing? Zentitle by Nalpeiron is built around the concept of Dynamic Entitlements, which meets this head on and erodes it right down, easing the burden on your support department and making for much happier customers.

With Dynamic Entitlements, the delivery of new entitlements or new user seats is taken care of automatically.

Yes, in fact, your customers don’t need to get involved with anything technical at all, no archaic license files to save or place or understand, no, in fact nothing they need to do. They just simply sit back and their new updated entitlements propagate and take effect with no intervention required. This is certainly not the case with old-style legacy licensing systems.

With Zentitle, operations are more seamless, and customers are happy because they can just get on with using your software, and, after all, that’s all they ever want to do.

Because Zentitle is built around a customer centric approach to licensing, your customer experience is better. The new rule in licensing, forged by Zentitle is the 10 second rule, which states that if any licensing operation takes the end-user more than 10 seconds then you are doing something wrong.

Your Customer Support teams, Sales teams, and Product Managers all benefit from a move to Zentitle - its very design lowers your support overheads and makes day-to-day licensing operations so much easier compared with dinosaur legacy licensing systems or home-grown efforts that are showing their age and creaking at the seams.

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