Skeptical about Mix and Match Software Licensing?

Skeptical about Mix and Match Software Licensing?

If this headline caught your eye, you might be viewing it with skepticism. Your current software licensing takes up all your time and it’s unimaginable to consider managing multiple models.

It’s time to rethink that perspective. A modern licensing solution is built to easily deploy and manage support multiple models from traditional desktop and server offerings through to SaaS, Mobile, IoT and more.

Software and hardware companies are turning to mixed models for three key reasons:

  • The appeal to clients
  • The flexibility
  • The opportunity to expand revenue

A hybrid model opens up the doors to new possibilities, removing the limitations of one traditional licensing model. With Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, you define a new path.

With Zentitle, you can license a piece of software whatever its environment, or multiple environments that it spans.

  • Think network licensing, which supports your customers in an environment without Internet connections
  • Think account-based Licensing, where the user themselves becomes the identifier for their entitlements (username, or email address)
  • Think consumption licensing where customers pay for what is used or set up pre-payment with usage limits

Zentitle supports all traditional and modern licensing models, including perpetual, subscription based, concurrent, floating feature, hardware, multi-platform and more. Whether you sell B2C, B2B or both, you can easily sell in the way your customers want to buy, whether that is selling in modern ways B2C customers expect, or using methods where you empower your business customers to easily track and manage their license inventory themselves. You can use any of our Licensing Models, mixed and matched as you see fit.

For hybrid licensing for example, you could have a perpetual model for your desktop offering, but a subscription model for the online SaaS elements it connects to. You could have a subscription model for your desktop offering plus a consumption-based model for the SaaS elements it connects to.

Your business customers will love what you can do for them with our concurrent licensing, concurrent feature licensing, element pool based licensing and so much more!

All of this remains easy to deploy and manage, adding flexibility without complexity.

The best way to change skepticism to belief is to discover the flexibility of Zentitle.

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