Software Licensing Analytics – 5 Essentials

Software Licensing Analytics – 5 Essentials

If you’re assessing a new software licensing solution, here are 5 essentials that should be on your radar:

  1. A central dashboard with key information at your fingertips.  With one click, you should be able to see X, X and X.  The dashboard should enable configuration, control and reporting on every aspect of user activity.

  2. Insights – information translated into where you need to take action.  Your solution should include intelligent reporting that offers key indicators and new trends so you can pinpoint where to take action.

  3. Support for all operating systems.  Your analytics should work for Linux, Mac, & Windows /x86 & x64.  For example, Nalpeiron’s Zentitle is built to support all major operating systems.

  4. Viewing key usage information without any coding.  A software licensing dashboard needs to reveal the key information you need without any special coding.  Today’s systems offers out-of-the-box capture of the essentials, whatever the OS.

  5. Features view -what hot and what’s not.  It’s critical to know which features customers employ.  With Zentitle, you can see what percentage of users are using a feature each day, how many times and much more. It also provides the reverse – what are your least used features.

The best business plans are created from great intelligence.  As you explore raising the bar for software licensing, it’s time to also make analytics front and center. Contact us for more information on our Zentitle Software Licensing and Analytics Platform and grab yourself a quick meeting.

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