Reseller Channel: Need More Visibility into Software Licenses?

Need More Visibility into Software Licenses?

There’s incredible power in a reseller channel to extend your reach. But does that power extend to easily knowing what licenses your partner has sold and managing ongoing support?

Their customers are your customers. To serve those customers and protect your intellectual property, you need insight into customer activations, registrations, trials and more. Here’s a fast path to opening that window of communication.

Create a Branded Dashboard for Resellers

The ideal way to uncover this information is a branded dashboard for your distributors, resellers and sub-resellers to securely and easily manage the blocks of entitlements which you delegate to them. And with today’s cloud-based licensing technology, you can get there.

Nalpeiron’s Zentitle, a modern licensing solution, offers functionality specifically for resellers as well as extensive APIs to integrate with backend systems, such as CRM, ERP, business intelligence and e-commerce. You’ll gain real-time visibility and the ability to customize access, including:

  • A view of all customer activations, registrations and trials across all of your sales channels
  • Control of who can view information so any one distributor or reseller sees only what is relevant to them
  • Flexibility for different sales tiers to log in individually from wherever they are and manage their blocks of license codes while you maintain overall control
  • Dynamic adds/removals/modifications of resellers or end-user entitlements as needed
  • Insight into sell-through and end-user registration data

Empower Everyone

The bottom line. You’ll empower all the right people in all the right places when you switch to Zentitle.

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