Stick to What You’re Good At - Smart Licensing Strategy

Stick to What You’re Good At - Smart Licensing Strategy

You make Software. It’s what you do. You know your market, and you produce what the market wants.

Those things alone are hugely challenging, and demand that you constantly invent, re-invent and innovate to make your customers’ lives easier, smoother and more productive.

These are your core competencies and the skills and personnel you have built are all focussed around these aims.

So… when new arenas and skillsets are considered in order to meet other wider-ranging deliverables it can be unwise to step outside of your area of expertise, not a good idea to take on developing something you (a) don’t have a track record in, and (b) don’t have the experience or foresight to take into account 100s of scenarios which could present massive problems if not addressed from the off.

A smart Licensing Strategy is not to consider building your own licensing, instead teaming up with a highly experienced partner who knows the world of licensing inside out.

Complexities, caveats, adaptability, connectivity, use case execution, are all things a licensing partner lives and breathes, providing a battle tested platform for software companies to use for licensing.

Zentitle is not just one such platform, it is the leading cloud-based platform. The goldilocks solution which is modern, proven, adaptable and flexible, a dynamic and able platform used by major name ISVS.

Zentitle shows a clean pair of heels to the legacy, dinosaur licensing platforms that major ISVs increasingly don’t want to put up with and have such poor experiences of dealing with. Zentitle also is battle tested and relied upon by major name ISVs 24x7x365, with a 15 year pedigree and world-class support and nuanced development, something that startup licensing solutions simply cannot offer. Yes, Zentitle is the goldilocks solution and natural, reliable and dependable choice for demanding ISVs.

To sum up, in fact, there’s more to it than sticking to what you’re good at, because by doing so it means you tap into the invaluable and extensive expertise of a licensing partner as well as focussing on creating great software.

Interested in a licensing partner that you can rely on, that will work with you to make sure you have the optimum licensing and monetization strategy? Use the Talk to Us button to get in touch.,

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